How to Play

What is a Free Lottery Pool?

First of all, in a Traditional Lottery Pool, a group of people each contribute money to purchase lottery tickets with the hope of sharing a multi-million dollar Jackpot. Whereas, in a Free Lottery Pool, the lottery tickets for the pool are purchased with advertising revenue generated from website traffic. All members who are registered in the pool share the same free tickets that were all paid for with website advertising revenue.

Secondly, as with most any traditional lottery pool, all small 'teaser winners' ($1, $2, $7, etc.) are recycled back to help pay for website administration and operational costs and to purchase tickets for the next pool. That way, new pools can be opened week after week until a Jackpot is won.

Third, because the size of a Free Lottery Pool can grow into the thousands of participants, cash payouts only occur for Jackpot wins (6 matches out of 6 numbers). For any second and third place prizes, which payout substantially less than a Jackpot, all registered members in the pool will be automatically enrolled in a private pool we call "Admiral's Club".

For Admiral's Club details, please see FAQ #15

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