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Welcome to FreeLotteryPool.Com! My name is Daniel Bader, aka Captain Dano. I am the creator and Pool Captain of FreeLotteryPool.Com. I created the website as a way for lottery enthusiasts around the world to play in the world's largest Jackpot lottery games...absolutely Free! Since our launch in 2007, we have been hosting dozens of Free Lottery Pools each and every month!

I know; playing the lottery for free sounds way too good to be true. Believe me, I hear this all the time. But actually, it's really quite simple. That is; we operate on the same 'Google advertising' business model as most any other 'free' website you visit on the internet. Therefore, we purchase our lottery pool tickets (currently 5 tickets per pool) with the 'advertising revenue' that is generated by website traffic. That's all there is to it, really! And everyone who registers in any of the 6 weekly pools receives a share in the same set of free 'advertising funded' tickets that are posted in every pool we open. (And no, there is No forced advertising viewing)

Unlike all of the scam lottery sites, I set out to create a 100% transparent, trustworthy lottery website that is user friendly, fast, and hassle free. A website that members could feel confident and secure in enough to refer family and friends to as they return to register in pool after pool. That's why we post the actual pool ticket images as well as the Official Results at the close of every draw. We'll even deliver the ticket images and results right to your Inbox!

Each month, we host a minimum of 24 free lottery pools and post to our website a minimum of $200 worth of genuine Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto tickets all paid for with advertising revenue.

Check out our Official 2016 Summary YouTube Video Report here: Click to watch now.

In 2017 alone, we played on over 3,000 Powerball, Megamillions & SuperLotto Tickets worth over $4,000! All tickets were paid for with advertising revenue, so all freelotterypool.com members played on thousands of genuine lottery tickets for Free. All tickets are posted on our website prior to every drawing, so all results are 100% transparent and verifiable. We also publish a month-end recap summary including; how many tickets were purchased, the cost of those tickets, and the total amount of all teaser winnings which are cycled back into ticket purchases.

There are absolutely no gimmicks, no spam, no false hype, adware or spyware, and we never sell or distribute our member's information. All website advertisements are safe and spam free. Our pools are 100% safe, fun and free to play.

You will never be asked to send money or forced to view advertising in order to participate in our free lottery pools. If you find Free Lottery Pool is not for you, you may promptly unsubscribe at any time for any reason, no questions asked (we want pool participants, not email addresses).

FreeLotteryPool.com welcomes all serious lottery players who are positive, patient, fully participate and who adhere to our simple rules.

Website Rules

1. Only one membership per adult. Must be 18 years old.
2. Players may only register and play for themselves. Only 1 membership per household.
3. Your profile, including your full first and last name, must match that which appears on your driver's license, passport or official identification.
4. Never attempt to cheat or game our website.

We make no false promises nor are we under any illusion that it's easy to win a lottery. We just keep playing with patience and persistence while having fun playing Powerball, MegaMillions and Super Lotto with the hope that one day we all might share in a life changing Jackpot...for free!

FreeLotteryPool.Com is truly a win/win for everybody, including us!

Our most frequently asked question is; "How can this lottery pool be 100% free to play?"

It's simple. Each week, we purchase dozens of genuine Powerball and MegaMillions tickets with advertising revenue generated from website traffic. All registered members pay nothing to play in our weekly pools.

The second most commonly asked question is; "If one of our free lottery pools wins the jackpot, why would you share the winnings?"

First of all, we retain 10% of the net jackpot winnings, so we want to win too! Secondly, when the world's largest online lottery pool shares a multi-million dollar jackpot with hundreds, or even thousands of people around the world, the news of this epic global event will make FreeLotteryPool.Com one of the most popular and valuable websites on the internet. We also enjoy playing the lottery for free and look forward to enriching the lives of so many of our friends and loyal members as well as ourselves!

Really, that's it!

And we play the lottery a lot! You may expect a minimum of 24 Free Lottery Pools per month. After all, the more you play for free, the better the odds of winning for Free!

Of course, if you wish to purchase your own lottery ticket in the hope of winning the jackpot for yourself, you should! We encourage everyone to play the lottery because it's fun to dream! (Just remember to play responsibly). So, since it's free to play FreeLotteryPool.Com, you'll be greatly increasing your chances of winning $10's of thousands of dollars by playing in our free lottery pools.

Once you become a member, simply login and register in any open pool and cross your fingers for luck! It's really that simple. We promise!

Of course, if you ever feel that FreeLotteryPool.Com is not for you, you may easily cancel your membership at any time by simply clicking on the Opt-Out link found in all primary opt-in email alerts and around our site. Or, just send us an email with the subject 'Unsubscribe'.

And there's no need to worry that we'll dilute our free lotto pools with too many members. As we grow, we'll simply purchase more tickets and open more pools in each draw so that everyone in the pool receives dozens of free chances each week to potentially win $10's of thousands of dollars...for Free!

With that kind of money you'll be able to:

  • Pay down or pay off your mortgage.
  • Buy a new car.
  • Pay off your school loan or credit card debt.
  • Take a well-deserved vacation.
  • Donate it to your favorite charity or give it to your children.
  • Invest the money or start a new business.
  • They're your winnings to spend or invest however you please!

    So, if you're one of the millions of people around the world who enjoy the anticipation, thrill and excitement of playing the lottery, then you will love playing FreeLotteryPool.Com!


    Our Mission is to Win and Share a Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Jackpot for Free!


  • All of our tickets will be genuine and 100% Verifiable.
  • In the event of a winning jackpot, everyone who plays by our simple rules Will be paid their share of the winnings.
  • You will Not be required to pay any money to collect your share of the winnings.
  • You will Never be spammed and you may easily cancel at any time for any reason.
  • Your information will Never be sold and kept strictly confidential.