Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How Can This Lottery Pool Be Free to Play?

It's simple. We purchase all of our genuine Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto tickets with Google Advertising revenue which is generated by website traffic. Images of the lottery tickets are posted to the website prior to every drawing. We also include the ticket images in our optional Official Drawing Results and Pool Entry Confirmation email alerts.

You can also view the tickets and results by clicking on the Pool Details link found on the Homepage Pool Bar for each drawing.

2.) If A Ticket Wins, Why Would You Share The Jackpot?

First of all, per our terms and conditions, retains 10% of "net" Jackpot winnings, so we stand to win big money in the event of a winning ticket. The remaining 90% of the net multi-million dollar winnings will be paid out to members who are registered in the winning pool. (please see FAQ #10 for detailed payout information)

Secondly, many of our members are family and friends. We also have a First Cabin Auto-Entry Club where members pay a small fee to be automatically entered into every pool we open. (see FAQ #6 What is First Cabin)

Moreover, when the news of this epic event spreads around the internet, will instantly become a highly popular and valuable website. So, not only do we stand to win 100's of thousands of dollars, but the value of our website will be worth $100's of thousands more!

Lastly, we look forward to the very unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of thousands of people around the world!

FreeLotteryPool.Com is truly a Win/Win for everybody, including us!

3.) How Can I Be Assured FreeLotteryPool.Com is Safe?

We have been a Google Adsense advertising partner for over 8 years. So our website has been fully vetted. Furthermore, we have no desire to retain members who don't want to play as our goal is to keep our members coming back to play in pool after pool until we Win and share a Huge multi-million dollar Jackpot.

All of our email alerts come with an unsubscribe link which will automatically remove you from all future email alerts and your account will also be promptly and permanently deleted. Furthermore, we do not sell or distribute our members' profile information.

4.) Have You Ever Won A Jackpot? What is the most you've ever won?

To date, we have never won a Jackpot. We just keep playing with patience and persistence in the hope that one day we will all share in a multi-million dollar jackpot...for Free!

The most money we have ever won is $150.00.

5.) What Are The Advantages of Playing FreeLotteryPool.Com?

It's fast, fun, easy and 100% free.
We do all the work!
It's 100% transparent. All tickets are posted to the website prior to the official drawing and all Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto drawing results are verifiable on the Official California Lottery website.
FreeLotteryPool.Com is truly a Win/Win/Win - for you, our advertisers and us!

6.) What is First Cabin?

A First Cabin Membership is your ticket to the easiest, hassle free way to play Free Lottery Pool.

Just purchase either a 100, 200 or 300 Pool membership and you'll receive Guaranteed, Automatic Entry into Every Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto Pool we open. Since each pool contains 10 tickets each, that adds up to 1000's of real lottery tickets to win $10's of thousands for less than $5 per month!

You'll be able to sit back, relax and wait for the Big One to hit knowing that you'll never have To login, look at advertising or worry about missing pool again!

Every First Cabin Membership includes:

  • First Cabin Official Results Comprehensive Summary Report at the close of every pool.
    Each Report contains the Official Drawing Results, Ticket Images, My Picks and Lucky Reward Point Status, Comprehensive First Cabin Account Summary Report.
  • Pre-set, Automatic My Picks.
    Set in your own special My Picks predictions into all Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto Pools to Win Lucky Reward Points and additional First Cabin Pools.
  • Thousands of Bonus Lucky Reward Points
    Use them for 'manual' second pool entries, play slots, poker or wager them to play My Bets.
  • Other Optional Alerts include:
    Pool Entry Confirmation (whenever a new pool is opened)
    Pool Closing Reminder Alerts.
  • Automatic Admiral's Club Entry and Priority Payout.
    In the event of a Jackpot Win, you will receive Expedited Priority Payout.
    In the event of a 2nd or 3rd place prize, you will be automatically entered into our exclusive Admiral's Club. See FAQ # 15 for complete Admiral's Club Details.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee!
    If you are not completely satisfied with First Cabin, just email us and we'll refund the pro rata portion of your remaining pool balance.

We use the secure payment processing services of Stripe.Com All processing and credit card information is handled through Stripe. We do not store personal credit card information on our server.

Once you place your First Cabin order, your automatic entry will begin on the very next pool we open.

Note:Charges will appear on your card under our business name: Bader Enterprises.

7.) Are the advertisements on your website safe to click on?

The ads on our website are mainly Google Adsense advertisements as well as trusted sponsor advertisements. We earn Google advertising revenue which helps pay for our ticket purchases and ongoing website development whenever you visit our Google advertisers. If you ever experience any spam, or persistent pop up ads after visiting any of our advertisers, please let us know immediately. We have zero tolerance for spam and want your experience on our website to be safe, fast and enjoyable.

8.) What are the Rules for playing FreeLotteryPool.Com?

To insure that you will receive your share of the Jackpot, please make sure to review and abide by our very simple rules:

1. You must be 18 or older to play.

2. In order to receive your share of the jackpot, your profile must exactly match that which appears on your driver's license, passport, or official Identification.

3. Only one registration per member and you may Only play for yourself.

4. Never try to game or cheat our website.

We only accept Gmail and Yahoo email accounts.

Anyone suspected of trying to cheat or game our website will be permanently banned from the site without notice.

Limit: Only 1 member per household.

9.) What Is The Highest Paying Ticket You've Had?

The highest paying ticket we've had is $150.00 - 4 out of 6 in the 8-16-13 MegaMillions' drawing.

10.) What Happens in The Event Of A Winning Jackpot?

In the event of a winning Jackpot, official notice of the news will be posted on the homepage of the website and an email will go out to all qualified pool members registered in the winning pool.

Once a Jackpot, 2nd place or 3rd place prize is won, the website will be immediately locked down while an independent US licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting Firm along with an IT Professional auditing firm will conduct a full and comprehensive audit of the pool which will include an audit of all winning members' past and present website activity. (Please be aware, for auditing purposes only, we archive and retain all active members' website login history and activity.)

No one will be able to access or modify their account during this period. Anyone with a incomplete or inaccurate profile, or who have multiple accounts, or who have registered in pools -past or present- for another member other than themselves, or who have account anomalies such as, and including; excessive reward point balances, double entries, irregularly matched entries vs logins, etc., that are not in line with their activity will Automatically Forfeit their share of the winnings. Therefore, it is important that you abide by our rules and Never attempt to game or cheat our website; and that your membership name and profile matches that which appears on your driver's license, passport or official identification.

The Certified Public Accounting Firm will issue claim forms to all qualified members in good standing who are registered in the winning pool. The firm will process all forms and handle all communications with the winning pool members. They will distribute all winnings out of a Trust Account on a Best Method basis. The cost of the winnings disbursement will be taken out of each participants' share of the winnings on a per player basis. The cost of disbursement withheld will depend on the time and complexity of winnings disbursement to each individual. This is why it is important to make sure your profile is accurate. The easier it is for the firm to disburse your winnings to you will save them time and save you money.

All qualified pool participants registered in the winning pool and who live outside the United States will be given the option and necessary funds to fly to the United States and pick up their share of the winnings. All travel costs will be deducted from the participant's payout. All arrangements will be made through the Certified Public Accounting Firm.

Note: You will never be contacted directly by, nor will you ever receive anything from in your mailbox.

11.) How do I know if we've won?

The following prize matrix is what we use for all Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto Pools.

*All First Place, Jackpot Cash Prizes, are paid out in cash awards to all registered members in good standing, including all First Cabin Members, and include any Megamillions, Powerball and SuperLotto Jackpots.
Special Notes: Admiral's Club Pools do not apply to Super Lotto Pools. Super Lotto Pool cash payouts will only be made on a Jackpot win (6 of 6). Cash distribution payout policy and procedures will remain the same as outlined in Faq #10.

You can find complete details to the Powerball, Megamillions and California SuperLotto games at Click Here to Go to Official California State Lottery.

12.) In the event of a win, will I be notified?

Yes! All registered members who are registered in a winning pool will be notified by email and an Official Notice with payout procedures and contact details will be prominently displayed on our homepage. The website will be locked down until the pool has been audited. (please see Faq #10 for complete

13.) What Does FreeLotteryPool.Com Do With Winnings Less Than The Jackpot Amount?

Generally, all winnings less than the full jackpot amount are re-invested into ticket purchases for the next drawing. They are also used for advertising, website development and to help cover administrative costs to operate Free Lottery Pool.

14.) What If We Win A Second Place Prize (5 out of 6 numbers, 5 Matching, no matching Megaball or Powerball number)?

In the event of a second place Powerball or MegaMillions prize, all members in the winning Powerball or MegaMillions pool will be entered into our exclusive Admiral's Club (there is no second or third prize for SuperLotto pools).

15.) What is the Admirals Club and how does it work?

The ADMIRALS CLUB is an exclusive Private Pool which will be set up after a Free Lottery Pool wins either a 2nd or 3rd place prize in either a Megamillions or Powerball draw (it does not apply to SuperLotto Pools).

All members in good standing (including First Cabin Members) who are registered in the winning pool that wins either a 2nd or 3rd place prize will be eligible to be entered into our exclusive Admiral's Club.

25% of either 2nd & 3rd place Net Winnings will go to fund the tickets for our Admirals Club private pools. Qualified Admiral's Club members will be awarded guaranteed, automatic entry into our private Admirals Club pools until either the Admirals Club Private Pool funds are exhausted, or we win a jackpot which will be paid out in Cash to all Admirals Club members in the winning pool.

Each Admirals Club pool (2nd Place prize), will contain a minimum of 100 tickets until either a Jackpot is won, or the funds have been exhausted. Each 3rd Place Admiralís Club Pool will contain a minimum of 25 tickets until either a Jackpot is won, or the funds have been exhausted.

For Example: If one of the tickets wins a 2nd Place Prize Net (after taxes and legal costs) Winnings that totals $500,000: 25% x $500,000 ($125,000) will be reinvested into the Admirals Club Private Pool until either the full $125,000 has been exhausted or we win a Jackpot. Each pool will contain a minimum of 100 tickets. Any additional 2nd or 3rd Place Cash Prizes will also be reinvested in the pool at 25% of net winnings.

What If We Win A Third Place Prize (4 out of 6 numbers, 4 matching, 1 matching Megaball or Powerball)?

Example: 3rd Place Prize Net Winnings total $6,000: 25% x $6,000 ($1,500) will be reinvested into the Admirals Club Private Pool until either the full $1,500 has been exhausted or we win a Jackpot. Each pool will contain a minimum of 25+ tickets. Any additional 2nd or 3rd Place Cash Prizes will also be reinvested in the pool at 25% of net winnings.

16.) What Are Reserved Shares?

Out of the total net winnings, we will also deduct winnings for 200 'reserved shares'. Reserved shares are used in exchange for various website programming/graphical, legal and administrative services provided to as well as special promotional prizes or as FreeLotteryPool.Com deems fit.

17.) Where Can I View The Pool Tickets?

All current pool tickets can be viewed by clicking on the View Pool Details and Tickets link found on the upper left hand corner on each Pool Bar located on the homepage.

They can also be viewed at the time of pool entry (once the tickets have been posted) and in the Ticket and Pool Room upon login.

You may also request an Official Results email alert which will be delivered shortly after the official results have been posted. Each alert will contain a copy of the pool tickets.

18.) How many tickets do you purchase each month?

On average, we purchase roughly 250 Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto Tickets and host over 25 Free Lottery Pools worth nearly $400 each month.

19.) What Are Lucky Reward Points? How can I earn additional Lucky Reward Points?


Answer is currently being updated.

20.) What Are Loyalty Pool Points?

Answer is currently being updated.

21.) What is the Pool Roster?

Once the pool closes, Free Lottery Pool will post the Lucky Usernames of all the free lottery pool entrants in the Pool Roster. Just click on the View Pool Roster Tickets & Results button located in the center on the homepage. Your Pool Rank Number will be displayed in the header of the Pool Roster.

22.) How can I find my rank in the Pool Roster?

To find your Rank Number in the pool just login and click on the View Pool Roster & Tickets button. Your Rank Number will appear in the Pool Roster header. You can also view your Pool Roster Rank Number under: My Account Status upon login.
In the event of a winning pool, all registered pool members will be paid in the order of their rank on the roster. This is meant to encourage members to register into each pool as early as possible.

23.) Why Am I Unable To Login To My Account?

We do not accept every applicant. If we determine that you are more than likely not a serious lottery player, or someone who is unwilling to fully participate in our pools, we will delete or reject your account. Also, if it's clear to us that you do not understand how this website is played, or that you haven't read through our How to Play and FAQ pages, we will delete your account. We do this because it is expensive for us to operate this site and send out email alerts. Therefore; we reserve the right to deny membership to anyone for any reason, without notice.
All members must abide by our rules and do not try to cheat or game our system. Accounts either caught or 'suspected' of violating our RULES will be deleted without notice and permanently banned from our website.
If you are currently unable to login to your account, it is generally because of one of the following reasons:

  • Your account has been disabled, or may be automatically deleted, because your email service provider has 'blocked' or has 'rejected' one or more of your Alerts.
  • You are not entering your login information correctly. User your email address for your username and then enter your password. If you've forgotten your password, just click on Retrieve Password link Retrieve Password.
  • You did not confirm your email address. Check your bulk or spam folder for your confirmation email and click on the confirmation link provided, or copy and paste the link into your browser. Note: We are only accepting Gmail or Yahoo accounts. If you have continued difficulty contact Captain Dano using the Contact Us link on the bottom menu.
  • You moved one your Alerts into your spam folder. Your account can be automatically deleted.
  • You are suspected of registering or playing for another member.
  • You clearly have an inaccurate profile, e.g, wrong country. Or your profile is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • You have multiple registrations.
  • You do not understand how this game is played and your profile was deleted.
  • You are not regularly registering in our pools. We have to pay for our email alert service, so anyone who is not playing regularly will be deleted.

We work hard to keep this community website Spam Free and as Authentic and Transparent as possible. Any attempt to try and game, cheat, manipulate or defraud our website will not be tolerated. All we ask is that all members play by our very simple RULES. If you feel that there is a misunderstanding, please email Captain Dano on our Contact Us link on the bottom menu.

24.) How can I cancel my account?

It's easy. At the bottom of all email alerts you will find a cancellation link. Or, just click here: click to deactivate your account now. Or, just send an email or return an alert with the subject: Unsubscribe. Your account will be promptly and permanently deleted.

25.)Do I Have To Play In Every Pool?

Our email service provider charges us for every email alert we send out. Consequently, we are compelled to delete accounts that do not return to our site on a regular basis.
If you are serious about playing, then you should participate in every pool we open. You may be automatically deleted -without notice- if you do not participate regularly (at least 3 pools per week).
Remember: In the event of a winning pool, you must be registered in that pool in order to share in the winnings.

26.)Can I Take a Vacation From Playing and Put My Alerts On Temporary Hold?

Yes! Simply email Captain Dano at: Tell him when you would like to 'Take A Vacation" and the date that you would like to resume playing. Your account will be deactivated until the date you specify. Note: you will not be able to login until your account has been reactivated. If you return early, simply contact Captain Dano and let him know that you would like your account reactivated.

27.)Can more than one member in a household join and play FreeLotteryPool.Com?

Yes. However, each member may only register and play for him or herself.
We archive all IP address activity on our website which will be used to audit a winning pool. Anyone who is "suspected" of either registering or playing for another family member may be automatically disqualified from any jackpot winnings and their account may be deleted or deactivated at any time without warning.
It's best if you contact first before multiple family members who will be playing on the same IP Address sign up.

28.)What Are Fortune Cookies? How do I post my prize message on Facebook?

Each time you register into any open pool, you will be asked if you would like a Fortune Cookie. Just click on the Cookie and you will receive either a Fortune or a prize. Prizes range from; Lucky Reward Points; Extra Entries into specific pools and First Cabin Memberships..

If you receive one of the special Fortune Cookie prizes, just follow the instructions on the Fortune Cookie message to claim your prize. Prizes generally require posting ONLY the prize message on our Facebook Fan Page. DO NOT POST THE PRIZE MESSAGE INSTRUCTIONS.

For Example: If you receive a message like this: Congratulations! You've just won 21 Lucky Reward Points! To receive your points; you must copy and paste the following Prize Message to our Facebook Fan Page: We're serious about winning a Jackpot...for FREE!

All you need to copy and paste on our Fan Page is the prize message, like this:

We're serious about winning a Jackpot...for Free!

Once you post your prize, Captain Dano will acknowledge your posting. Captain Dano will either confirm the recording of your additional pool entry/s; or he will award you additional lucky reward points; or he will give you additional instructions, depending on the nature of the prize. There is nothing else that you have to do other than post the prize message.

It is against our rules to post the message more than once and you may be blocked from posting any more prizes. No duplicate prizes will be awarded at one time.

29.)When are we going to win a Jackpot?

Yes, we know how frustrating it can be not hitting a jackpot. Just remember, we also share in any jackpot winnings. So we're just as anxious and eager to hit a jackpot as you are. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for winning a lottery, and the only thing we can do is remain patient, continue purchasing tickets and opening our free lottery pools.
Also, it's important to note that once we recruit more and more players, we'll purchase more and more tickets and open additional pools so we can continue to increase our chances of winning.
All we can promise is that we'll keep playing as long as people like you continue to return and play in our free lotto pools. And we'll do our best to keep improving our website functionality, as well as keeping it as fun and interesting as possible.
We look forward to the day when we can all share in a huge jackpot win with you and all of our friends around the world.
Thank you for playing and please spread the good word about FreeLotteryPool.Com!

30.)Why am I receiving duplicate Email Alerts?

If you think you are receiving duplicate email alerts, check to make sure that the Pool ID# is the same. The Pool ID# is located near the center of the email alert in the blue box when it lists the time and date of the drawing as well as the Jackpot and payout amount. For example: Pool ID# 1735.
Since we open up to 30 pools per month, you may think you're receiving duplicates, but you're not. Also remember that we send out Pool Closing Reminder Alerts to those members who have Not registered into a particular pool.
If you have two exact email alerts with the same Pool ID#, contact Make sure to forward Both of the duplicate emails.

31.)Why Do You Ask For My Full Name?

The reason why we require your full name is so that the game is fair to all members who play by the rules. It also allows us to identify and remove those members who sign up and play under multiple accounts.

Our primary rule is that your profile must match exactly that which appears on your official ID. The reason why we require this information will be critical in the event of a winning jackpot.

Here is why:

In the event of a winning jackpot, the website will be locked down and no one will be able to login and modify or edit their profile information.

At that time, we will contract with a US licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting Firm who will conduct a full audit of the winning pool. The Accounting Firm will issue claim forms and require a copy of your official identification. During that audit, anyone who has an incomplete, erroneous or duplicate profile will be automatically disqualified from any share in the winnings.

Additionally, anyone who is suspected of playing for another member, or who has signed up for another member will also be automatically disqualified.

Please note:(All member information is kept strictly confidential. We do not share or distribute our members information). If you have any questions email us:

32.)How are the lottery ticket numbers selected? Do you have a number selection strategy?

Generally, all Powerball, Megamillions and SuperLotto ticket numbers have been picked at random. We feel that the best strategy is to play the same numbers in pool after pool unless one or more of the ticket lines matches 3 or more of the official drawing numbers. When that happens we will typically change out the line with a new set of randomly chosen numbers.